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7" Rear View Camera Kit

A replacement rear view mirror changes to a LCD display when reverse is selected displaying an image from a small flush mounted bumper camera.

3.5" Monitor kit ideal for horse boxes or van's.

Add multiple cameras including night vision for comprehensive monitoring of precious cargo and reverse in safety in poor lighting conditions.

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Parking Sensors and Camera systems made by ParkSafe and Veba.

Protect your investment and increased safety to others and valuable cargo. We supply and fit to a variety of vehicle types

for a variety of purposes.

Applications include: Cars, Vans and Horseboxes.


ParkSafe 4 Channel Reversing Sensors

Protect your investment from minor parking knocks and scrapes by fitting parking sensors which provide an audio or visual warning of nearby objects.

Sensors positioned on the front and rear bumper emit an ultrasonic wave which bounces off nearby objects to detect distance. An audible warning is then given inside the car which increases the closer the object gets.


The four discrete sensors which can be colour keyed to the vehicle’s body colour are mounted into the bumpers.


I addition to the audible alert a visual display unit can be mounted inside the vehicle which provides more detailed information.

All our parking sensors come with a 3 year warranty

Veba Camera Kits

Veba offer a wide range of high quality parking solutions from audible sensors to night vision cameras and have kits available for most applications.

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